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Real Estate 1031 Exchanges
Exchanging or "trading" the equity you have in your property offers several benefits over just selling your property.
  1. SAVE TAXES: Capital gains tax can eliminate a major portion of your profit if you "sell" your property. The IRS allows a "1031" exchange which may totally defer any tax payment to the government.
  2. A NEW MARKETPLACE: Many more people have equities than cash. Therefore if you are willing to exchange there will be many more parties interested in your property.
  3. CREATIVITY: An experienced exchangor can use a variety of unusual methods to accomplish your objectives. Often equities are combined with personal property, notes, services, etc. to increase your ability to acquire what you want or transfer what you don't want.

Mr. Farrow personally specializes in the exchange marketplace. He won the National award for Most Outstanding Exchange in the United States. He is a member and Past Director of National Council of Exchangors a nationwide network of Brokers specializing in exchanging.

If you wish more information re: exchanging into or out of property anywhere in the world just complete the form below and I'll send you more information.

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